Friday, October 9, 2009

SZU,Shame on You.

To start off,I have to admit that "SZU,Shame on You" is definitely more sensational than the real.But it does make a catchy title.^^

F.Y.I,SZU is short for Shenzhen University.I've been studying in SZU for more than two years.I fairly enjoy my life there because,well,"small as it is, the sparrow has all the vital organs".But meanwhile,I did find something funny yet a bit of disgraceful.I was meaning to blog about it but didn't take enough photos as a proof.But now,I'm doing it.The following may not be made by SZU but happen there in SZU.

1. Somehow I suppose it was written by some foreign student because the capital letters don't apply to the writing habit of us Chinese people (I guess).


2. These students are about to graduate.It's understandable to take a photo of them and the landmark for a souvenir,but I don't think it's not necessary to actually stand on it.If everyone of us was gonna do the same thing,that sundial would be a ruin.

3. There are more than 20 canteens in SZU.I bet things like the following pics have happened in all the canteen.It happens too many times,so that we barely take it as a big deal.Everytime when someone started to complain about it,others would say something like "think about the starving children in Africa".

4."Wow,check on those legs" - that's not my point,dude.We were having a PE class but some were there in slipper.You may not be professional,but at least you gotta have a professional spirit.

5.People in Shenzhen are not strangers to Shanzhai.At some point,I suppose the name "Shanzhai" is adapted from Shenzhen.But this gal from my class really made me speechless.As a 21st century uni student,she just ignored the"KappO" and lived with it.

6.Yes,this is the  map of SZU which is located right on the main gate.If you're careful enough,you may find it literally unbearable because there are two misspellings on it.What are the odds?

7.This kind of herbal tea is declared to be preventive against H1N1 virus - YEA RIGHT! 

8.What are you doing guys?It's in the middle of a class,Japanese class though.Well,I'm taking this photo.Who am I blaming!

9.I don't know whether non-Chinese would get this,but it made me laugh so hard."Fathers are already old.Wait no more to show filial obedience" - an advertisement for Phiton necklace,ahead of the Father's Day.

To Be Continued......


David said...

Good post but I think it's a bit much to assume that foreign students wrote the graffiti.

The H1N1 thing made me laugh so hard - how do they get away with it?!

SHUO said...

Yea,I have to admit that it's not evident but that sign is right at the International students dorm.

hehe,I dropped by that herbal tea shop,that fly was not there any more.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is one of those blogs written by a Chinese in English which I can understand very well. Excellent!

SHUO said...

Tony, thanks for dropping by.