Monday, June 22, 2009

Now I've seen everything.

The modern China is known as a mega country of manufacturing and pirating is undeniably a major part of it.If Chinese people cry out their grievances that they didn't start the pirate thing,then they cannot be excused for creating the SHANZHAI culture.The Shanzhai culture came forth even earlier than the time it got its name.Not that I approve of Shanzhai,but as far as I'm concerned,Shanzhai is wiser than pirate anyways.It doesn't totally live in the shadow of the legal copy but (shameless) strickes out and gets its own labels and adherents.

(See!Obama just becomes the brand spokesman for "Blockberry".Not sure if he knows about this yet.)

Well,actually I'm not going to write a whole post about Shanzhai.Instead,I'm writing a review about my gate-crashing to the second-hand cellphone market in Huaqiangbei.I had this chance to keep my uncle company to stock his cellphone store in Jiangsu.He came all the way here because he knew the huge market of electronic products here in Shenzhen.But why second-hand?To be honest,I used to think that Chinese people conventionally prefer brand new stuff.We would rather pay more than getting a used thing,even if it's not even an old one.But things are different in Jiangsu.Internet is not made the best of use there.I mean,the mass netizens there are young people whom are literally just interested in QQ and online games.Plus,comercials on TV become unbearably irresponsible and keep babbling about those Shanzhai product.

One thing led to another,people start to pay more attention to those so-called latest and fancy stuff.People there have no problem to dress warmly and ear their fill but it's still too much to ask to try those things first-handly.Therefore,BANG!Secondhand products are becoming quite popular there.Okay,too much for the leading-in.Let's see what I got there at Huaqiangbei.

Huaqiangbei is definitely a place you love and hatel.It roughly provides enormous electronic products of any kind.Even if USB drive,you may find this many there.Amazing huh.

There I was,the secondhand-cellphone-market sreet at Huaqiangbei.So many people gather here,do the same business but still can make much profit.We can understand that how large the market is.

(I guess you already noticed those billboard with "CDMA" and "3G")

(This is one of the hundred stores at the street.)
(A tousy street stall right in front of the store.The board means "recycling of cellphone with a considerable price",not sure if my English makes sense though.)

(We got there quite early.Those counter-keepers just started to prepare everything.)
(I could barely name the brands of these Shanzhai cellphones,orr do they have any.Pretty colorful huh,it's one of the traits of Shanzhai cellphones.)
(You can tell they're not of good value from the mess.)  

(It became quite mussy and lousy when more and more buyers appeared.I was wondering how did they communicate in such a noise.) 

("No Smoking!"-Nobody gives it a damn.If there were a fire,we'd be all dead.)  
(Thousands of cellphone shells of any kind,used for making old into new ones.It could happen that the blackhearted sellers sell the olds at full price and call you a sucker afterwards.)  

(This kind of label is supposed to be on the legal cellphones.But now,I can get four pieces of them for 1RMB.My uncle said you could get whatever typr of label if you asked.You can hardly tell mock from original ones now.)  
I felt like a paparazzi.It was not easy for me to take those photos because the seller were very cautious.Good thing that they knew they weren't doing anything glorious.I inquired of some friendly-looking sellers about the source of so many cellphones,both shanzhai ones and original ones.They told me three ways.
1st,from people who sold their old cellphones. (10%)
2nd,the government forbad those factories producing shanzhai cellphones.So they had to dispose the goods at low price,in the name of putting away the wasters.(60%)
3rd,everyday,millions of people all over China get their cellphones stolen,afterwards millions of stolen cellphones are being imported to Shenzhen......(30%)


Matthew said...

That must be part of the economic stimulus plan--Obama gets paid to endorse products abroad and the American public gets a tax rebate.

I hated walking through Huaqiangbei. The crowds at those markets made me very uncomfortable. Plus, I hate shopping (even for the real products).

SHUO said...

haha,sarcasm is good for your health.

Well,Huaqiangbei and Dongmen,which is worse,I can't decide~