Monday, June 8, 2009

one of the annually big events

Since the China's college entrance examination system was resumed in 1977,the College entrance exam has been going on.I participated in this huge event in 2007 and it's the 2nd anniversary now.I wasn't a top student or a intelligent one,so I wasn't thinking a lot of and putting much pressure(that's why I end up studying in Shenzhen Uni but no offence to SZU^^).Now when I look back,I think those three bittersweet years are much more important than that very final exam.

I took the exam at my own school and I stayed at school during the three days of exam.I figured the best way to deal with the huge exam was treating it normally.It was raining quite hard and almost everyone sat the exam was in slippers which was very funny.I wasn't nervous after starting to read the paper,after all we'd done this of any kind for more than thousands of times.

To be honest,my memory about it is becoming vague.But I remember that our teachers and headmaters were all wearing red T-shirts,standing at the entrances the exam rooms,doing high five with us and even hugging with us.It was so touching.

(My head-teacher as well as History teacher.)

(My exam admission ticket.I've kept it since then.)

I didn't get good marks on Chinese and English.But I unexpectedly did pretty well in Maths and History.Anyway,that exam is definitely worth treasuring up in my life.

(The Admission letter I got from SZU,one month after the exam.)