Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eyeful litchi

I've passed by Bao'an district on my way to or from the airport,but not actually in there.Lui always told me it was fairly a countryside but I know it's not that bad.Bao'an is undeveloped as urban districts and is a mass of indigene Shenzhenese(as I mentioned in a previous post).Coincidentally,one of my roomates is from a family like that.

There had been a lot of talk about visiting the orchard owned by her family but I didn't make it until last Friday.After one hour's journey in the worst bus in the world,we got somewhere in Bao'an.But we still needed her father to pick us up,otherwise we had to grab a cab to the terminal destination-Longshan Orchard/龙山果园.As introduced by my friend,this orchard is mainly a litchi one and last week was definitly the right time to pick litchi.

Okay,last minute lesson before enter the orchard:NO TRESPASSING!

I feel embarrassed of being very overwhelmed while seeing so many litch trees,nay,I hadn't see litchi trees actually with so many litchi hanging on them.^^
(emerald green baby litchi)
(hard red hebetic litchi)(cardinal red adult litchi) 
Workers were boxing up the fruit.
Ther put leaves on the fruit to keep them fresh for a longer time. 
Well,they normally put those less fresh fruit in boxes.
I helped. 
I deserved them.^^(haha,shameless me)


A Vecchioni said...

I love you're litchi fruit photos. They're so full of life! Excellent job.

Elcharis said...

Hello Shuo, long time not see your blog. Now you make some difference especially on design. I like photos on your blog

SHUO said...

To [AV]

Thank you for your comment.You should come to China and stuff yourself with litchi.^^

To [Elcharis]

Yea,it's been a while.How have you been(since I can't read your blog^^)?

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found your blog. You have some beautiful pictures and interesting writings. The litchi looks very delicious. I enjoy reading and learning about other cultures. Thank you for sharing.

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