Sunday, April 26, 2009

what been up to

Haven't updated my blog for more than a week but it doesn't feel that long.It was a productive week.I sat in the German language class,being a guest student there.I have set up my mind to make an effort to German.No matter how it will turn out,I just wanna enjoy the learning process.Other than that,I  went to a training organization not far from my uni.You're not gonna believe that I was there for the accountant training.I can't help laughing out loud because it sounds such a stupid idea now--anything that is related to Math is undoubtedly beyond me.
Anyway,I tried several different new things and had my life more figured out.Compared to most people,I have a fulfilling life.Yea,I can't deny that--I feel nurtured, loved and respected and not many people get that.I appreciate the life I have been given.However,I realised that,all that was missing was getting the most out of my life and I had got to push myself to experience more.There was a moment where I was worried that I would make some silly mistakes along the way.But as I told my friends,mistakes always happen and most of them end up being quite educational.

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Me and a bunch of classmates spent half of last Saturday on the museum.Technically,we were stuck there.We meant to hike on the Lian Hua Shan(莲花山) but it rained quite hard.So instead,we played uno at the lobby.

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This Saturday,I participated in a drama training.I saw it on douban and found it was in my neighbourhood.It was organised by some guys who had a great passion in drama.They were not students,one of them even was my mother's age.But they had young hearts and were great-hearted.I admire that and felt a bit shame secretly for having an old head on young shoulders.We didn't ask each other's careers but hobbies and avocations.It's always good to make some new friends and see new lives.I'm gonna do it again.

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Happened to see those kids doing morning exercise,So cute.(FYI,there's kindergarten in my uni.)
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Can anyone tell me what they are doing?I saw them doing it on several occasions at campus.


Holocaust said...

I was wondering which one are you in the museum and girls picture,and what type of character you would play in drama~Plus,I can see that your life is so fantastic~

SHUO said...

hehe,none of them was me because I was te one taking that picture.

As for the drama,we didn't realy get started the serious part yet.And I'm not even sure if I would get a part in it.

Thanks for dropping by,btw.^^

lulu said...

they are doin` sth. linked to their stupid answer..

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Shuo - Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your photos are very interesting. I am in the UK and it is exciting to be in touch with you in China. I will visit your blog again to see how your life is going. Please keep in touch.

SHUO said...