Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sex and the UniverCity (2)

On a recent Friday,one of my friends W came back from a class named "Human reproduction and eugenics/人类生殖与优生".She seemed to have a lot to talk about the fancy class,corresponding anxious of being judged.There,this is how she started,

"the teacher told us there was a girl vexed and almost bursted into tears when she just started to introduce something.That girl thought the teacher shouldn't have said anything dirty in class."

"She totally overreacted.That's what the class all about.What else was she expecting to hear?"said I.

"I don't know.But can I ask you a question?What does the words 'anal sex' mean?"asked she.

"You don't know?"


"But you're already 20."

"Does it matter?To begin with,the teacher told us a story that a couple who were both professors in college weren't able to have their kids yet they were quite heathy.However it turned out that they kept doing 'anal sex'.The teacher said she felt so sad about them,and about the sex education in China.But I don't know the word.Y(another girl who had the same class) doesn't know either. "she explained.

"Shame on them.Shame on YOU!!How can you,a twenty-year-old uni student,have no idea about it!"

After explaining to her,another girl showed up.I was gonna tell her what just happened and teased W about that.But once again,against my expectation.

"We can't have babies by anal sex?Really?Then why we can get pregnant by oral sex?"she asked.

"Unbelievable!How the hell can you get pregnant by oral sex?"

"Then why women use comdoms while giving a blow job?"aggrieved as she was.

"And that's why condoms have flavour......"

I couldn't believe we were having such a conversation,nor she would have put that question which literally drove me crazy--she already had the sex experience,yet didn't have the common sense about sex.I was completely speechless.That night was Friday night,so there was a rite of mass absence.The teacher didn't grumble but said "Those who are not here should have come and taken some instructions before they have those romance moments outside."--I could perceive the savour of anxiety of the youth rathen vexation of irreverence.

Who should be to blame?The parents,the government,the society or the young people themselves?After reading the news behind closed doors,I fell deeply into those thoughts.I attempted to discuss it with my fellows but those feedback gave me nothing but despondency--either they themselves didn't know those general sex knowledge or they sorta felt embarrassed and backed out of the discussion.I have to confess that I hesitated to write this post because I had to type some words or expressions which I'd heard of a lot but hardly said or written out.Whereas,I've retold my point for some times,so I'm so bold to organise my sentences and say it out loud,for the sake's of my peers.

I sheerly realised how importantly and how imperatively the sex education should be put on the agenda-it's quite a shame to say that tho.It shouldn't be an issue.Actually,it's not a problem to me as I know the whole thing since I was young.I reckon myself lucky because I didn't have to creeply pore over those sex thing,instead,I was instructed the proper education of adolescence.I had those kinds of class in my primary school and middle school.But,there was not any in my high school which is the most momentous three years to get the sex education for us youngster.As I never beat around the bush,then one thing led to the other,I'm regarded as some kind of sex mentor.In their eyes,those sex instructions aren't inclined to get before the very moment.But seriously,I feel anxious about people my age.They didn't get enough info for those romantic moments.

However,boys and girls are at different levels in this situation.As we all know,computer games are definitely a major part of boys life.But boys,who are hot-blooded,are hemmed by porn or whatnot.It's nasty at boys' dorm not only for the mess but also for the porn saved in the laptops.It's a rite that boys share downloaded videos,those "up to date" ones.Those boys are never hypocritical but they don't even bother confessing that.They even keep collections--one former classmate told me that he had 8G porn videos in his laptop.I suppose boys know women per se,or even know the skills,but they don't know how to protect either themselves or their girlfriends.

On girls' part,in their best mood,at their best time,they keep having those fancy dreams of relationship.Most of them are willing to leave their principles behind and go for the boys' rules.They don't know how to protect themselves or how to make things slow for girls' sake.I'm not being prudish but I wanna ask those girls,do you know what exactly are you doing?And are you sure?Yea,right!

Lack of knowledge ain't horrible,it is horrible that you take everything for granted.And that's why there're so many lasses being pregnant by accident as well as getting abortion secretly.China is now in an era of "sex blowout",people are quite indiscriminately open-minded to sex.It can be regarded as an improvement,but if we don't "say yes to the save sex",we're going to meet with another shameful sex plight.

[Continuation of Sex and the UniverCity (1) ]
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Leigh Russell said...

Ignorance is always sad, Shuo. I live in the UK and we have a shocking rate of teenage pregnancy. You're right to consider the issue seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of young people don't stop and think. Actions have consequences.

Your Engish is very good. I have a new book coming out in June. It's already had a few sales overseas, mainly in the USA. If you read crime fiction at all, you might have a look at it on a local online supplier's site. I'd be thrilled to have a reader in China. As far as I know, that would be a first for me! Please visit my blog - if you're interested.

SHUO said...

Thank you Leigh Russell.I really appreciate your comment.And I'm glad to be invited to be one of your readers and I'll always be.^^