Saturday, October 24, 2009

street snapshot

Even I'm a native in China, I do find things incomprehensible in my normal daily life. They're not the "mainstream" but I suppose they reflect something at some point. Well, instead of a judgemental person, I regard myself as a conscientious one about life.

Location: Beijing

This is the sign for a roast duck restaurant. As you may find, a part of it is missing. And now it's just a "roast bird" reataurant. Or it's a kind of publicity?

Location: my hometown

The local government is trying to popularize English to the salesmen. They chose the most effective way to do it - mark English with Chinese Characters as phonetic symbols. You may ask "Can it work?" No worry, because there's barely any foreigners there in this small town.

[ more about my hometown ]

Location: Shanghai

It was just some light rain, but this metro(from 353 to People Plaza) seemed flooded. I blamed the drainage system in Shanghai.

Location: Nanjing

I saw this catchphrase around Fuzimiao and got very confused. Let me translate it literally "Supporting the army is building a Great Wall. Loving the army is loving the national defence." - What the heck is that?

Location: Meilin, Shenzhen

This is a Police Bike! It's convenient to carry and to chase offenders at back street. At the critical moment, it can even be used as a weapon! (I'm laughing.)

Location: Bao'an, Shenzhen

This is a security guard booth, without any security but a giant police cap. It can surely be frightening to those criminals. Yes, right.

Location: Dongmen, Shenzhen

Remember my "Kappo" classmate? She's not alone. Check this out! "Backcab" and that hideous brand - just another Shanzhai product.

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OscarOzs said...

Na ja,ich glaube,du sagt die Wahrheit. Leider liest ein bisschen von Meschen aber es.
aber du bist Rechts,denn die meschen wissen keine Wahrheit.Also:toi,toi,toi!

SHUO said...

hehe, I'm writing Chinglish while you writing Chinerman.