Friday, October 16, 2009

I Don't Have a Dream.

I love my kids but I could have fed tainted milk to them. I don't have a dream.

Children died because they studied in the jerry-built classrooms. I don't have a dream.

Officials are all accepting bribes, and they never feel ashamed of it. I don't have a dream.

Most lawyers no longer stand up for the victims.If they do,they'll be detained or jailed. I don't have a dream.

You've been living and working in this city for years, but all you can get is a 'temporary' residential permit. I don't have a dream.

Those actors and actresses who starred in the patriotic Chinese movie are not officially Chinese. I don't have a dream.

80 percent of water from China's rivers is polluted, and you may be poisoned if you drink it. I don't have a dream.

Not only at the Olympics,but every coal mine mishap in China also broke a record in death toll. I don't have a dream.

The Berlin wall collapsed 20 years ago, however the GFW is strengthening. I don't have a dream.

China is so vast but Twitter can't survive here. Seriously, I don't have a dream.

Share a joke with you ----------------

Osama Bin Laden recently said China is the only country where terrorists don’t dare to go. Al Qaeda once dispatched five terrorists to attack China. They were told to bomb five different places.

The first, who was to bomb an overpass, got lost on the labyrinthine bridges.

The second, who was to bomb a bus, couldn’t even get aboard because the bus was too crowded;

The third, who was to bomb a supermarket, got his remote control stolen;

The fourth, who was to bomb a building, was stopped and badly beaten by the security guards, who took him for a migrant worker asking for overdue wages, and yelled at him “don’t come for your salary, and don’t you dare to appeal!”;

The fifth, who was to bomb a coal mine, eventually made it, leaving more than 100 miners dead. But half a year later, he was executed by al Qaeda for “cheating,” since the incident was never reported in China.


David said...

Best post yet. Did you write it?

SHUO said...

Best post? hehe,thank you.

I was in a melancholy mood while writing it tho.

Carsten said...

That is so sad and beautiful. Thanks.

PH said...

All the familiar complaints. Sigh

frostpfote said...

beautifully written. as long as there are people like you, there's always a chance of making things better.

SHUO said...

Thank for these comments, you guys. At least, we still have ways to bypass the wall and speak up here.