Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fly Sheets Utilization 101

Living in Shenzhen(or the entire China), you may have to live with fly sheets of all kinds as long as you happen to be a passerby. Some fly sheets are quite plain while some are swanky. You can surely refuse to accept them but chances are you have to pick them up from your own mailbox and glance over them and throw them away. Ugh, it's so not environment-friendly, is it? So instead of whining about this kind of waste, I mean to share something with you - fly sheets Utilization 101(with my chubby fingers^^).

Needed Materials: FLY SHEETS (oblong)

1. Fold it in half.

2. Fold it in half again and unfold it.

3. Fold both edges(the closed side) to centre. Then unfold them.

4. Open one side and fold it to the crease lines which you made in step 3.

5. Do the other side and do the same as shown in step 4.

6. Okay. I don't know how to explain this step in English but I guess the picture makes it quite clear.

7. Do the other side and do the same as shown in step 6.

8. Fold both edges to centre on both side.

9. Fold the bottom part up on both side.

10. Expand it and make the bottom flat. And done!

There you go. You just made a throwaway rubbish box with a fly sheet that you were going to trash.^^ You may use it to collect random litter, say fish bones, fruit peels, melon-seed shells.


Johnny said...

Awesome design and folding

coljac said...

That's pretty creative! I'm impressed.

By the way, I call those things "flyers", not fly sheets, which sounds like that sticky paper used to trap flies.

SHUO said...

To [coljac]:

Thank you for pointing that out. Frankly I gave myself a headache to write this post since I didn't know those daily but specific expressions in English.

Anonymous said...


Dare to try new things. Learn new words. Learn new things.

Love ya *muah*

Anonymous said...

I am just a chinese man.

I noted that your English has improved tremendously. Congratulations!

I had been following your blog. :)


PH said...

I dimly remember paper was a long long time ago. XD