Sunday, August 16, 2009

"insects feast" in hometown

I spent the Spring Festival this year in my hometown,Lianyungang,Jiangsu Province.And I revisited it this summer.This time I stayed more closed to the countryside,so I got the chance to taste the rural life.Unlike other Chinese people,no matter where I visit,the first thing I ask is not food.I prefer homemade dishes.But folks in hometown are always hospitable,there's no chance they would "release" me,as long as they can get that "one of highest-protein foods" - insects.(still chilling)

Well,I had heard of the insects dishes,like ants.Folks told me how they caught and cooked those locusts years ago when locusts wreaked havoc.They kept describing how tasty those fried insects were.I threw up inside but didn't show it.Maybe I hid it too well,folks actually prepared the "insects feast" for me.Just for your information,those insects are not so easy to get as before,so it must have cost them much which forced me to accept their hospitality.*SIGH* - this story tells us being Chinese can be really weary.

WARNING: The Following Pictures are very graphic. Discretion is strongly advised.

 young cicadas | 蝉、知了

.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°

 baby bees & bees | 蜂蛹,蜜蜂

.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°

 silkworm | 蚕宝宝

.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°

Welcome to my world~And I actually had them.Ewwww,I loathe myself.But look on the bright side,I didn't have fried dragonflies or fried cockroaches(that's sick!!!)......Okay,endless EWwwww!


Johnny said...

All sentient beings are edible.

Bring it on~~

SHUO said...

That's the typical Chinese voice,hehe.