Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh your god.

I was still dreaming this morning while SW pushed me to wake up.Geez,it was already 8:10 A.M.I got out of my bed and went wash and rinse.It was so weird that I actually have the idea to make the bed which I didn't usually do since I lived in the dorm.People do stupid things when they are upset.I whacked everything I was suppsed to before 8:30 A.M.Good thing that the classroom I went for the first period was not far from my dorm.

The first period is EST taught by a nice woman who doesn't speak English very well though.There was few girl attending that class and I felt uneasy sitting among those smelly guys who don't often do laundry I guess.

It's so hilarious that everyone in my uni gets a ticket for a mooncake because the Mid-autumn Festival is coming.Wow,the leaders in my uni are so considerate but I really couldn't help laughing.