Thursday, September 11, 2008

gloomy day.

It's Sep. 11st again.This date can always remind people of the horrible terror event back in 2001,in the US.Effects of inflation were felt everywhere in the world and peace is elementary for economy developing,at least as far as I'm concerned.I was planning to take some photos of the lichi trees on the campus but the sky is so gloomy.I guess it's related with the grief.

I checked out my inbox this morning and heard from Sarina.I had waited for her email for a while actually because I missed her kids so much.Whereas,I didn't feel like text her before because I thought that would a misleading by which she thought I was pushing her to learn Chinese.Anyhoo,it's nice to hear from her.She's gonna go to Nanjing for just 1 day and I'm sure it's not that nice for her,the kids,the language,the bad-tempered mother-in-law.But bottom line:since her husband is so caring and considerate,she would overcome anything.

This morning,I saw this board hanged up.Let's scream out loud,yuho~The alien students are finally signing up Chinese courses in my uni.Don't think me as a freak.I'm so delighted sheer because I'm gonna get part-time jobs if things go well.