Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Oops,it's the second week of the new semester actually.How time flies.Well,life is still going on like how it used to be but not how I want it to be.Anyway,I should appreciate everything I've already got.

Things between LH and LQ don't go well since last week.It's like out of nowhere that they don't feel like talk to each other.There's some misunderstanding.No doubt about that.Am I suppoesed to be the one who come clean it for them?I don't think so.Well,that's me who won't do that kind of fixing up thing whatsoever.It sounds like a chicken,doesn't it?

It's totally a mess on the campus these few weeks and it's all because the welcome-new-arrivals thing.Okay,I have to say I'm finally reluctantly a sophomore.Good for me,or not.

I called at LH's home the other day,and "made out" with her two cute puppies.They were so docile and energetic,they didn't get long with each other though.I'm showing their pics.Aren't they cute and me alike?lol