Saturday, October 16, 2010

just another unstoppable life

After the one-week internship at the International Exchange College of SZU, my another internship will get started next week. I nailed the second/final interview this Monday and was informed to be on board the Tuesday followed. I can't help tittering when I recall that for the final interview I whipped up a formal outfit in which I looked just like an elderly waitress.

Even though this Maersk internship is, what you may call it, a foray, I'm still (secretly) expecting to do something other than chippy paper work or telephone lifting. I'd like to practically give a whirl to everything. However it may be, I really am thrilled to be a member of the big family, even just for several months. I hope that my workmates are nice people and I believe that I could be wild card.^^

Several weeks ago, I wanted to be distracted by other element of my life because I had to let something/someone go and it wasn't easy. Good thing that now it's time for me to let go all the awful feeling I've been dealing with. When there's an end ,there's a "buck up". When there's a start, there's a "buckle up".


Gabrielle Evelyn said...


So great for you to live such life!Cheers~

herve leger