Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm at work, literally.

I've been using IMs for years but my status always was either "online" or "away", barely, "busy" (at some point, I didn't understand why signed in any IMs while you were busy). But now it's "I'm at work". Yes, I'm no longer a full-time sloppy student but a rookie in office.

I'm very lucky as the office has moved to the district I live in now and it only takes 30 minutes from my dorm to the office. They mentioned that the office would move, but I didn't know it would happen just before my internship started. My first week has been going very well. Actually it's better than I thought. I was stunned when I first saw two monitors on my desk and the suite seemed very "professional" to me.

There's no hierarchy or bureaucracy, unlike those state-owned companies. You don't have to butter anyone up or pretend to be busy. Workmates all seem friendly and gracious. But frankly, I've done little mingling, since I still feel a bit self-conscious. But it's surefire that I could blend in soon.

Just F.Y.I, I've adopted an English name - Samantha, for business occasions^^. Speaking of which, although it's a foreign company, I don't understand why everyone uses their English names instead of Chinese ones (while some names are not exactly English, say Yuki).


Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Your internship looks to be a great opportunity to learn. That Maersk logo is familiar, I have seen that on many container trucks here in California. It is great that you get to gain experience with such an international company right out of the gate!

SHUO said...

Yea, I really appreciate that they offer me the chance to see different lives. And I'm in a team that is open and casual. I'm really lucky.

Gabrielle Evelyn said...


You're so lucky and good work can make people feel happy in life!

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