Wednesday, November 24, 2010

coming away grateful

So my internship at Maersk is terminated today. I regard myself lucky to be in a team with an easy-going leader and those bubbly workmates. I really appreciate all the sharing and training programmes.

(a sharing and training seminar)

(very considerate^^)

(Colleague Wendy hat Geburtstag!^^)

 As the company just moved into a new office, I witnessed the open ceremony and met the Vice President of Hong Kong Limited, Søren Karas (who we think is very handsome).^^

(festive reception centre)

(Søren Karas)

(lion dancers)

(celebration snacks)


(Bye, my desk)

Goodbye, Maersk. I'll miss the Intranet and GFW-proof Internet here.


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Gabrielle Evelyn said...

WOW~I think it must be very comfortable to stay there,right?

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