Sunday, May 9, 2010


She peels apples for me although I keep complaining that I hate apples.

She harps on about the importance of diet while refilling my bowl.

She wakes up late at night to see whether I kick my quilt away.

She barely cooks herself a decent meal unless I come home for the weekend.

She keeps my bedroom organized and clean no matter whether I'm going to be home.

She wants me to just try my best instead of pushing me to be No.1.

She knows that I'm grown-up but deep down still sees me as a kid.

She tells everyone that she's lucky to have me as a daughter.

She teaches me how to be a good decent woman and a great mother.

She is my mom, the most beautiful woman in the world.


stewart gangwer said...

I enjoyed your blog. Stewart from Alaska.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed your blog.

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

I like the picture where you are giving the peace sign.

小寒子 said...


SHUO said...

[Stewart] Thank you. Alaska sounds very mysterious to me

[Gregg] hehe, glad that you didn't think it was too old-fashioned. But you know what, most Chinese are still doing it while saying "yeah". heh

[罗寒] 我知道了,是我不懂事。

stewart said...

I tried to comment on some of your other blogs but was prevented from doing so. I find some to be inspirational and wish you well on your path to new destinations.

Dlomen said...


Gabrielle Evelyn said...

"She"is also my mum and all the mothers in the world.All the great mothers~~

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